Once you see… (A Lyric)

If you shut down, and just be quiet,
You can hear the sounds of your own stupidity,
You won’t forget, you won’t forgive,
You just wallow in what used to be.
I could sit out, or I could climb out,
I’m could shake this mountain down,
Or let it be, whichever, it’s just me.
I won’t worry about what you believe.
All these times, all these lives,
All the feelings left denied,
They are hiding a vast Ocean of compromise
They can’t last forever once you see…
How long until you find out,
Until you listen to your own ambiguity 
See it strange, see it counter,
See it contrary to who you wish to be?
If left alone, what do you see?
Is it part of your destiny?
Children born, love denied
Sometimes mountains cease to be.
All these lives, all these times, 
All these symptoms that we find,
They are hiding a vast Ocean, compromise
They can’t last forever, once you see…

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