True Love

Just walk with me for awhile.  Hold my hand, as we calmly stroll down the mountainside.  Pause with me as I pick you a daisy for your hair, and look at me with the intention of your Soul as I gently brush the hair from your eyes.  Lean up to kiss me as only you can.  Allow me to cradle your head in my hand as I breathe the Love from my Soul into yours while inhaling all that you are into mine.  Share this perfect moment with me my Love, and let me share with you the Sunrise in my heart as I accept the Universe within you.

She came to me in a vision
But I was not dreaming
I was no longer a man nor she a woman
But two Souls united by something far greater
than either alone.

You offer an embrace that stops time in its tracks.  My Love, you are here in my arms and I in yours.  My heart wants to scream as it touches yours but words are obsolete in this moment.  I want to stare into your eyes but look away for fear of betraying this vulnerability.  I am where I belong, and I know it all too well.  Is this weakness?  Is this insanity?  Whatever it is there is no currency in existence worth losing a single moment.  I just want to be here, now, forever.

Time stands still in this moment's awe
As this Love pours from my mind, my body
Time cannot exist in the presence of this Love
I've abandoned all sense of knowing any thing at all.

I hear your voice and my mind goes blank.  I close my eyes and listen to the sweetness of your sound.  I heart jumps, my skin tingles, my breath quickens.  My reactions betray a simple truth…I am in love with this woman, this Soul.  I was born to be here this moment, and I enjoy it all without reflection.  I am a Mountain again, and I know my place among the valleys and rivers my mind gives life to.  I feel the Light in my eyes and see the Sun in my head.  I will not leave this place again.

Through the ups and downs
Lefts and rights, laughs and tears
I remain faithful to the cause that Love demands
In It I find who I am destined to be.

I touch you and feel your skin.  It’s as if Indra himself had touched me with a lightning bolt so intense the layers of who I was were burned away revealing who I am.  Gone are the voices, the fears, the anxiety replaced by the serenity of knowing.  Flowing through my mind are the words of the sacred Vedic hymn:

Indra, you lifted up the outcast who was oppressed, you glorified the blind and the lame.

Yes, my oppressed Soul has been lifted.  The blindness that drove me to such suffering has been cured.  In this moment, I have been saved from the affliction of the mind that handicapped me into painful distortion.  The dragon within me has been slain, and I am free.  The Love flows freely out and I can feel you again.  I can feel your Soul speaking to me.  It guides me to where you want me to be.  It shows me where the bandages are.  It gives me the courage to follow the directive I so want to own.

Be notorious!!!

A river flows through my Being
And cascades down this fallen prayer
You are there to drink it up
And to quench the thirsts of mindfulness.

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