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There are times in my life when I question it all.  I don’t find those occurrences when times are “good” or I am “happy”, I discover those questions when I experience moments of suffering.  I believe the purpose of suffering is to create those questions and to reveal to us awesome potential to create perfection in and around us.  Moments of happiness help us answer those questions and show us the destination we are seeking.

In this blog, I seek to capture moments of rapture, of joy, of love, of compassion, of intense suffering, of realization and of pure pain so that the journey can be documented.  When I move on from this experience, I want to leave a map behind me documenting where I’ve come from compared to where I am.  Before that time, I want to take a look at the path I have walked in order to know the spot I am standing, and to smile, cry or shout with great pleasure or great joy.  It is my intention to be as honest as a man can be, and to hide very little unless it can cause harm to someone else.

This blog will morph as this journey morphs.  I hope you find something of value here, and that you share it with others in the same light that I share my life with you…that it may create something of value for you to use on your own unique journey.

I wish you peace, love and nothing but the best.




  1. Zacki says:

    Love it!! Just read your article about 9/11 at WOW!! You are a gifted writer and I am glad to have found you…look forward to reading more!! Namaste.

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