The Choice is Ours to Make

I need not be with you to Love you,
I need not embrace you to hold you in my mind,
I need not wipe your tears to comfort you,
Or brush the hair from your eyes to show you affection.
I need not hold your hand to be a part of you,
Or write pretty words to tell you how I feel,
I need not make protestations of Love to put you at ease,
Or to prove that which exists without syllables.
I need not walk with you to carry you in my heart,
I need not stand beside you to be there for you,
I need not fear the future because of the pain of the past,
Or ignore the present in order to worship some distant memory.
I need not make love to you to feel worthy of you,
I need not fear the shadows to feel your Love in return,
I need not hold on to the past to validate my present,
I need not be everything to be anything to you.
I can love you without feeling it in return.
I can seek to see joy in your eyes without doing a thing.
I can be who I am without your approval,
And seek tomorrow without ever looking past today.
I can walk along the beach without following in your footsteps,
I can feel the sun without seeking protection in the clouds,
I can look for you without ever opening my eyes or calling out your name,
I can bask in what is and know that it is real.
I can plant the idea that I Love you,
And I will Love you,
Or I can plant the idea that fear provides,
And be afraid…the choice is mine to make.
I need not kiss your lips to offer tenderness,
I need not feel your caress to feel  yours in return,
I need not create an ideal for which you must be in line with,
Or create rules by which you must abide.
I need not pretend in order to be wonderful,
I need not be perfect in order to be sheer perfection,
I need not lie to you in order to make you happy,
Or hide who I am in order to gain your acceptance.
I need not be angry in order to find protection,
I need not make you angry in order to feel something from you.
I need not create drama in order to gain a reaction,
I need not cater to your drama in order to prove I am who I am.
You can plant the idea that I am beautiful,
And I will inspire awe in you unmatched in the Universe,
or you can plant the idea that I am ugly,
And I will revolt you in unimaginable ways…the choice is yours to make.
The choice is ours to make,
What we see we believe, what we believe we see.
We can chose what we believe and believe in what we choose,
Yet the choice is ours to make.

One thought on “The Choice is Ours to Make

  1. JJ says:

    Ridiculously beautiful.

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