To Love I Surrender

In a faithful bound
I surrender
To all that was and will be
I surrender
To the piece of peace I want to see
I surrender
And to the loving ties of your promise
I surrender.
The voice echoes but is real no more
For I have given it no power
You are there and I am here
Alone in my missing mate’s demand
To be and not to want
To seek and not to find
To want and to not find satisfaction
It is where my heart resides.
I find peace in knowing what you are
and question what I am not
Amidst the vanquished harlots that call my name
I stand tall knowing that nothing is the same
And cry tears of joy in in this resounding victory
A wait for your return.
The dream has just but started
The mind has all but surrendered
To the Heart, to the desire of Something I cannot see
To the Soul, to the guidance of Something I cannot hear
I open my arms and shout the words
“Take me to that place!”
In a trusting act of knowing
I surrender
To the words of my true Love
I surrender
To the Light that the Ajna follows hard
I surrender
To the silence left when doubt is gone
I surrender
To Love, I surrender.

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