A Fight I Cannot Win

I feel perhaps a fool
A fool of my own mind
My own dreams…my own emotions
Dancing circles in a square box.
I sit in the corner of this ring
No one with me as I stare across the box
There is my adversary, staring back at me
Laughing, “I own you.”
I feel a chill run down my spine
I cannot win this fight
I stand to answer the bell…alone
I know what is coming.
I portray an air of confidence
The path I have traveled has not prepared me 
I’m not ready, my mind is in shambles
Even as the body is willing to give and take.
“I’ve been playing you”
I feel those words shoot across the cage
“And now you will die”
Or so the voice reminds me.
I look out at the mindless crowd
No friendly faces look back at me.
I’ve given them up for the fight I cannot win
And they in turn have done the same to me.
So I look, ready for my destiny.
Ready for the pain that is to come
Ready for the scars about to be created
Yet going to answer the bell regardless.
The bell, it rings.
The body, it presses on
The mind, it becomes numb
The heart cries out for what it must endure.
the end.

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