The Lion Tamed

I don’t worship you
I love you
I don’t need you
I want you.
Your lion sits and stares
Into your perfect eyes
I can feel your heartbeat through time and space
You have tamed the wild beast within me
Are to speaking to me?
If so know you have tamed me even through this wildness
I sit patiently, waiting, wanting, loving
Knowing there is but One for me even in the shadow of  our uncertainty.
I have heard you have no doubt
Your words and deeds hold great weight for me
And I trust you beyond all prior comprehension
I give all faith to you.
I want to say “come early, do not wait”
I want to wrap my arms around you
Kiss you all over, be untamed if not for a moment lost in you
Explain in wordless action the bounty of this Love.
Please know me my Lover
Share with me it all and I will remain tamed forever
Even as my mane flows freely in the wind
You shall be the breeze that settles me in at night.
Please talk to me my Friend
Share with me more than I need to know
And be…with me even in moments of distant separation
You will never need look again as our hands remain as one.
Right now my Soul cries out your name
In pure Love, in a desire unique all to its own
Its a song only sung to you
Its notes unworthy of any other ear.
I give myself to you and ask
Can you give yourself to me
Or does this lion live some wild fantasy?
I remain perched while searching for your eyes.
Hoping that you’ll run to me
and I to you
So we can know what we need to know
and be more than “we” are this moment still.
I.  Love. You.
In Spirit, in Deed, in wanting more
Your lion tamed by such a knowing
I humbly look for you.
Do not run from me my Lover
I am yours in love’s still harmony
Through fear’s disruptive frozen gaze
The fire burns brightly within.
I am a hunter no more when that sweet chime rings
Such a sound stills the wild beast
The lion tamed in sweet notes of harmony
I find myself in you.

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