A Miswritten Song

I never thought I’d need
find protection from Her
To seek
shelter from Her or the song we sang
To find
protection from Her mind, Her thoughts
In a song of another kind.
The song was once so wonderful
Melodious and soothing to this Beast
Now that duet
Seems all out of key, lost in mindlessness
Not a bit in tune
Being played by two tone-deaf composers
Locked away in the corners of their own prison cells.
What does one do
When his song makes sense nowhere but within?
He sits and wonders, wishing he could rewrite the song
This one seems so wrong, so out of touch
As if he is playing a guitar without its strings
He strums away with little result.
Is She playing him?
Time will tell if She shares his misery or is using it
When the She becomes a she, when the tide rolls out again
To know if that place they shared really mattered at all
Or if he had just become another David to Her
An out of tune piano
That no longer made Her want to sing.
For now he hopes, and he sings
Hoping his song will be meaningful to the One he loves
Doubt, hope, courage, fear
One big, sloppy chorus line
He pauses between the notes and listens
For Her reply
And in the silence looms…

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