To Be Yours Again

You are in my dreams,
And I long for you to scream for me
To show me that I somehow matter
And that this Love is rooted in deeper soil still.
Just say the word
And I am yours again.
Gone are the remnants of our minds’ fragility
Replaced with the tingle of our Souls’ sweet ecstasy.
I have reached for you a million times
My empty hand returned
How I long for you those million times
I stare, my arms remain wide open.
 Just look into my eyes
And I am yours again.
Tear-stained visions of what could have been
Replaced with the Light of Love blinding us into eternity.
And so I caress your beauty
And kiss your lips with tenderness.
I inhale your breath as Lovers sing
This dream not ending with the morning light
So just make that face I love to see
And I am yours again.
This Mountain standing strong against the tide
With your Love as the cornerstones of unending strength inside.
Do not fear, my Love
For your Lion does not waver in the face of such unusual fortuity
I am strong, ready to take the Tigress still
And show the strength of capricious majesty.
Know who I am and show me who you are
And I am yours again.
No judgment, no ridicule, nothing but the Poetic sounds of Love’s own harmony
Whispering to each other what will forever be our song.
I am…here
You know me to be true…you know me pure as the driven snow
You know me in my weakest moment, my darkest hour
You know me through and through.
So I sit, waiting, hoping, praying…wanting.
To be yours again
Unsure of anything but the accounting in my Heart
And the song in my Mind that sings a song I want to share…

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