I expect…no thing.
I feel…every thing.
In the stretch I find heaven
In the release I find stillness
In the practice I find unending light.
I stand tall in your presence
Even when you are not here
I am a Mountain and steady in the movement
I am firm even as I bend in the wind.
I am a warrior who can endure
Who will stand along side you without fail
Who will offer a hand to help you up
And to be helped up as well.
I bow to you my Hero
And bow to the remarkable lightness of Being
My heart opens to it all
The great possibilities of Being in this place.
Salamba Sirsasana…
I invert to bring what is in my heart 
Into my head…to push out thoughts and memories
And to allow the Light of my Heart to fill this space
And to clear out the cobwebs of what once was.
I withdraw from here and go to Heaven
I know this place…I’ve been here before
Even as I visit if for this, the very first time
I release, I am still, I am One.

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