I Can Feel You

I can feel you in the breeze
Blowing in my eyes
Creating a tear, caressing my face
Gently kissing my lips and reminding me of yesterday.
I can feel you in the Sunlight
Warming my skin
Allowing me to bask in the glow of Greatness
In this never-fleeting moment.
I can feel you in the sand
As it massages my feet
Providing me with a sense of where I am
Even if I am lost in temporary insanity.
I can feel you in the stillness
And see you clearly in the clouds
I smile knowing that we’ve been this way before
Even if we have never been this way before.
I can feel you in my dreams
Calling out to me, yes you are searching too
I call out as well, but silence is all I hear
You are deaf to my desire.
I can feel you in my asana
Along the line where comfort becomes something more
Pulling me upward, steadying my gaze
The world around me disappears.  
I can feel you…
One day we shall meet
And you will know me as only a Lover can
You will smile as you feel me too.
You will say “I can feel you
Even as I closed my eyes you were there
As I reached out you grasped my hand
Before I knew you I knew you.”
I will say “My Lover
We have never been apart
I have held you in my heart even before the dawn of time
We have always known each other.”
You will feel me, and I will feel you
As if we were born a million years ago
And together we will forget the million tears we shed
Before this moment’s birth.
Behold your man
Your Mountain’s majesty, your Lion’s steady roar
And know that I am steadfast
Even as I will surely return to dust.
Enjoy this moment, do not rush to make it end
Feel me, take me, hold me
For I have learned a thousand lessons
To be with you in my own humanity.
I can feel you…

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