The Mango Tree

The glut and gloom from whence I came
Left a mighty strong sense of shame
And though used to trying times as these
Now I’d rather sit with mango trees.
Within I feel a calm lagoon
Though I think I won’t get there soon
I fall upon these tired knees
And look within for mango trees.
Once I could walk alone at last
There is no hope in time that’s passed
I see a fruit that sets me free
I need to find a mango tree.
Behold a gift to my surprise
Found in those two perfect eyes 
My breath is stopped, my heart agrees
She’s there and planting mango trees.
I play a game I’ve lost within
It’s a game I do not wish to win
With a sense of strength unique to me
She takes me to a mango tree.
I scream, I kick, I start to fight
With tears she restores my mindful sight 
She simply nods as says “just be”
I know I’ve found my mango tree.

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