You Are…

You are…
The tear that forms in my eye
In the moments that we share.
The chill that runs through my spine
When you reach for an embrace.
The wave of ecstasy that crashes through reality.
You are…
The excuse my Heart gives my mind to win
When the battle seems all but lost.
The sweat that pours from my brow
As I try to share “that part of me”.
The dream that awakens every part of my existence.
You are…
The Wind within my Mind
That rustles even the oldest leaves.
The sound that drives me forward
Even though I cannot take another step.
The footprints in the sand when I can no longer walk alone.
You are…
The spring thaw that comes
Not a moment to soon.
The view I see from the loftiest heights
And a reason I made the climb.
The Sky that defines the Mountaintop.
You are…
The scope that has helped me see mySelf
The star that has given me some direction
The path that has led me to somewhere new
And you’ve done it all
Just by Being you.

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