The Mountain

I heard once that I was a Mountain
Beautiful and strong
Defining the horizon
Creating majesty in the valleys of life.
Beauty does not exist without You
You define it, You give it life
You set its value, You give it grace
You honor it with Your actions.
So, do I exist in this moment?
Or have I been weathered away into a pebble?
I stand as I always have
Loving, waiting, shining, trying my best.
I would not worry except that I care for You
And long for You in Love’s embrace
Just as I care not if the Sun is shining
Except that I love the warmth upon my face.
One you have tasted the Sun
The night can seem so cold
If not for the stars, those glimmers of Sunlight
The night would be the end of me.
Warm my face with the beauty
That is you
Lift me up with outstretched hands
Because that is what you do.
Warm my weathered peak
So that Love may melt and flow down into my tempered valleys
I am here, waiting
Not demanding anything but who you are.
I ask the Sun to be the Sun
Do not darken out of fear
Do not grow cold out of mindless wonderings
Just shine baby…shine.
If it’s there, let me see it
If it isn’t, let me know it
Tell me if the twilight I see is the Dawn
Or the end of this wondrous day.
This Mountain, this Truest block of granite
Bows to You, It’s Sun
And asks You draw from high above
The best of what It has to offer.
The clouds can only hide me
The wind will take forever to reduce me
As I am here, and I am now
Looking upon all you light for me.

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