I Would

If I could take this Feeling
And give it to you
I would.
You would know
You would believe
You would understand.
If I could show this Love
Better than my humanness will allow
I would.
And you would see me
And want me
And know that I am yours.
If I could find the faith to Accept
And know the truth beyond what I can see
I would.
And you would be free
And I would know you
As the wind in my face.
Yes, if I but only knew
And could throw away the shackles of this humanity
I would.
My mind questions, my heart bleeds
My eyes see, my mind questions
In a cycle that defines my reality.
Imagine if the Sun
Had been given our human mind
It would withhold It’s light
It would make It’s warmth conditional
It would see fear as well
And we would surely die.
Do I withhold my Light from you my Love?
Or you from me?
I would let it all be free if such power was mine.
For now I climb and head for the Stream
And heed the sounds that echo from my Heart
I would…I would.

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