Love is All That Remains

Do I trust you?
Asked the moth to the Flame.
Of course…
there is no choice in the matter.
What secrets are hidden
Within the flickers of Light
That have captured my Soul
And changed my life forever?
What stories will my mind create
As I dance around this open Fire
Never to be lost again?
I hold my breath as I dive headlong in
Never sure of the outcome
Never asking for a reprieve
Only trusting, loving, wanting, burning.
I am consumed whole
A moth no more, the flame resounds
There is nothing left of me
The identity gets transformed.
I give myself to You, the Light
As an offering to what is to be
Hold me…take me…do to me what You will
The “me” becomes “We”
The “I” becomes “Us”
The dance ceases its solo act
As the Fire consumes me completely.
Love is all that remains.

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