There are…things.
Things that create other things,
Ideas that create other ideas,
Suffering that creates other suffering,
Beauty that creates other beauty,
Passion that creates passion,
Contentment that creates contentment.
Love just allows it all to be.
Love steps back and watches the experience.
It doesn’t judge, It doesn’t question,
It simply stays true to Itself in perfect harmony.
Love stands true, ready for your acceptance,
Never pleading, never trying,
Just ready…Just willing…Just able.
Love seeks to share Itself
Even in the midst of the fear that hides It.
Love is not withdrawn
Even in the midst of the anger that temporarily rises above It.
Love is not phony, or fake, or lost
Even when the darkest hour approaches.
Love can be counted on,
It comes to the aid of those in need without condition,
Love can be trusted and forgiving,
It breathes, It caresses, It demands acceptance.
Love does not vanish into the abyss,
Rather it lights up the corridors of our minds.
Love does not feel pressure in the suffering of a beloved,
It seeks to comfort, console, confide.
Love does not demand Its freedom
For It can never be imprisoned.
Love simply holds us in Its hands 
And shows us the way to pure ecstasy.

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