Forget Safety…

I am here, I am now,
I’m not then and I’m not there.
I am real and not obscure,
When you take the leap with me
You’ll see
That it isn’t a leap at all.

The statement of intention is just that, a full commitment to what you want.  When you hesitate, you create a different version of what you want.  You want the hesitation, the doubt, as the outcome and it will manifest itself.

You can’t halfway jump into a pool of water.  Putting your toe in is not jumping, it’s putting your toe in.  If you want to jump, then jump in fully with your entire Being committed to the outcome of enjoying the immersion you seek.

See this, it is my Love,
It isn’t a half-cent or a fragment.
It is the Whole, it is the Entirety,
 It’s the part of you that’s me.

Love, the essence of ourSelves, isn’t hesitating.  It is fully committed to what It wants.  The mind is the hesitation, the creator of imprisonment and bondage.  To be fully free, one must see the Love and fully commit to it.  Rumi plainly describes this commitment this way with words I’ve come to cherish in my life.

“Forget safety.
Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious.”

Yes, be notorious.  Throw caution to the wind when you Love.  Tread in your “die zone” and enjoy the fear.  Forget all about the safety and confines your mind has created.  They don’t exist, they are all figments of your imagination.  Only Love is real.

So Love, and bask in the glow of something that rids the monsters from the shadows.  You know what to do now…


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