Tale of Two Voices

The skies menace and betray their ambivalence, 
It’s coming, It’s coming,
There is no Sun, and the storm is on its way
It’s here, It’s here,
If I could only hold your hand.
Eris speaks softly in my mind,
“Take control and dare the rain to stop you,
Do not accept this Storm,
The scars are all that remain 
As blood trickles down my cheek.
Metis says,
“Open up your arms and embrace the downpour,
Accept It for what It is, 
The smile betrays my existence,
As the tears wipe clean my crimson face.
Memories cascade through my mind.
It’s you, It’s you.
I fight through an angry crowd of doubts,
It’s me, It’s me.
And in the end I stand alone,
Weather-beaten and haggard from it all.
Eris says,
“Take hold of this and see it through,
Stand alone and need nothing,”
No one.”
The heated sense of rage fills my body
As my fists clench and my cells accept their fate.
Metis says,
“What is this fear but a fantasy?
Stand together and change the world,
The peaceful calm of a million lifetimes
Washes over me like a forgiving summer rain.
I close my eyes to seal my fate,
Into Your arms I fall, into Your heart I seek refuge.
For I Love You despite the brewing storm.
My strength devotes itself to You, my heart beats loudly Your name,
I succumb and let it be,
And alas the Sun peeks through the clouds, I am free.

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