The Note that Life Has Sent to Me

I am experiencing a class called “Foundations for Living” through the Center for Conscious Living in Moorestown, NJ.  This class has been amazingly transformative for me in showing me the power of our Minds to create and, more importantly to me, the importance of belief in the creation of our conditions.

Last night, we participated in an exercise that was kind of mind blowing for me as many others in the class.  We were to center ourselves and, without thought, write a letter to ourselves from life’s perspective.  Equally challenging (and unknown to us as we were given the assignment) was that we had to swap our letters with a partner.  The partner then had to read our letter back to us over and over again during a set time limit.

I want to share the letter Inspiration ended up writing through me in order to show you the power of this way of thinking.  It was amazing how high our vibrations were sent in seeing ourselves through a Loving perspective.  I highly recommend this exercise for everyone since we all seem way to eager to be hard on ourselves and much more resistant to Loving ourSelves.

So, here is what was written.  Remember, you have to begin with Dear (Insert Name Here) and sign in “Life”.

Dear Tom,

Thank you for having this experience. You have helped countless people in their time of need, both when you are aware of your efforts and when you aren’t.  You have helped bring three lovely people to Live, and share with them the wisdom of your experiences while allowing them to have their own.

Thank you for forgiving a past often left dark by circumstance.  Thank you for being willing to challenge yourSelf to us even the darkest of conditions to bring some light into the world.  Thank you for remaining that little boy who questioned and would not give up claiming his right to find his own Truth.

Thank you for working to leave this place better than how you found it.

Thank you for wanting to bring joy and happiness by sharing the reality of who you are.

Thank you for turning from the experience of violence to the beauty of non-violence.

Thank you for questioning the roots of the faith you were born into in such a way that the tree itself fell.

Thank you for bearing the weight of fear so that you could know Love.  Thank you for surviving the storms knowing that the rains bring the flowers that bring the beauty that you adore.  Thank you for learning to stop to learn, and for being open to the possibilities that I have to offer you.

Thank you for Being for without you I would not have been the same.



What would Life thank YOU for this moment?  Sit down, still your mind (and end your bias, fear and negativity) and have Life write you a letter.  Read it to yourself, or have someone special read it to you.  Have that someone special


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