The Garden

I find mySelf floating,
Amongst the reeds, hiding in the tall grass.
And I wonder,
Who am I saving mySelf from?
Who am I running from?
And to whom is this current taking me?
I smell the sweet fragrance of Anthurium,
Somewhere in the turmoil I am in,
I hear Her voice calling from beyond,
Begging me forward,
Calling for me from within,
Causing me to search where my feet have seldom tread.
She hands me sweet Honeysuckle,
And binds me the promise I feel now,
I can sense the chains of my mind slowly releasing their grip,
Now floating upward toward the clear blue sky,
I sense the air of promise fill my lungs,
The miracle of Being removes the clouds from my eyes.
I bathe in eternal currents of Hyacinth petals,
Secure in the essence of all I am and all that She demands,
Dear, sweet nothingness cleanses my Mind,
I hear the song of Love fill the silence around me,
And I know I AM,
And I know there is no other place for me.
I have long begun burying the Narcissus,
Working to plant the Rose in the loving embrace of Lavender,
Begone! those weeds that have so polluted my Garden,
Now is the time of great change,
Of amazing transformation; where once stood fear and disharmony
Now stands a monument to great Beauty.
Beauty for which the eyes are not needed to see.
Beauty for which no mountains need be climbed,
Or raging rivers crossed to be behold.
One simply need sit, inhale, and believe.
The Flowers will do the rest, the slight breezes will take you away,
And you will join me among the clouds basking in the warm glow ahead.
Take my hand my sweet Angel, for you have given me wings,
Take my eyes if you will, take my ears if you must,
But leave me this fragrance where I sit,
Through rain and storms sit here I will,
Enduring all I must in order to simply bear witness to this Garden,
And to Love in this Dance we call life.
To learn more about the meaning of flowers, visit this site:

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