Winter Thaw

Basking in the glow of promise,
Expecting nothing in return,
I lapse into the warmth of your Divinity
And fall into the arms of Inspiration.
I laid there once, seeking the end,
Now I lay there embracing a beginning,
Oh how sweet is the nectar of the Divine!
Made sweeter by the sour taste of yesterday.
We walk together in the mountains of Promise,
We sit together by the waterfalls of Hope,
We talk together by the river Forgiveness,
So focused on the present as to have forgotten.
How strange God does give Her gifts!
One day the Sun fails to raise, the next it fails to set,
And others we barely seem to notice.
Today I see it all, the Gift and the Giver are one.
The shell cracks open, the wall comes down.
Inch by inch, brick by brick we are exposed,
Our stories are told, our vision is shared, 
And we find the sense of such unending harmony.
Oh how I miss the song when it grows silent!
I struggle to hear the echoes in my mind, 
Feel the music in my heart, the notes in my Soul.
How I feel the absence of the Musician!
A smile, a word spoken, an embrace of Imagination
Sends me into the Light, spinning..spinning.
A question, a statement, a sign of Spring 
The winter thaw that is much too long in the coming.

2 thoughts on “Winter Thaw

  1. Absolutely beautiful, my friend.

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