Today, Tomorrow, Forever

I am sorry my babies,
I could not end your tears
Or comfort your sobs,
Or keep your world from falling apart,
Like puzzle knocked to the floor.
How I would change this moment,
Take away this pain and replace it with a million smiles,
Take these cries and turn them into the laughs
That bring your sunshine to this world.
And never bring this darkness to your life.
My daughter, my sweet little girl,
I caress your face and hold on to your sweet voice in my heart.
I am your Daddy, today, tomorrow, forever,
You are my Angel when you do nothing but be who you are,
I wish this day never had to come.
My son, my buddy, my loving little boy,
I hold your hand in the night and watch you breathe,
I am here for you, today, tomorrow, forever,
I will hold your hand until my dying breath,
And always be sorry that we couldn’t keep the puzzle whole.
Such a heavy burden this end to a miracle
Placed on your souls, your minds, your future,
Who are we to cast such a shadow in the Light?
Sorry souls are we who have given up on all that was,
And replaced it with false hopes of normalcy in what we have deemed necessary.
For now I can wish it all away,
And give you what I can in Love unselfish and pure.
I will wrap my arms around you today, tomorrow, forever,
I will dry your tears and make you laugh,
While searching for an answer to your questions that I can’t answer for myself.
Sleep now my babies,
Someday these tears will fade and your sadness will return to Joy,
You will Love today, tomorrow, forever,
And you will know unending Happiness in your Being,
We will walk together hand in hand remembering…
A boy holding tightly onto his father’s hand.
A girl hugging her Daddy’s arm as to never want to let go.
A time when the puzzle pieces at least seemed to fit together.
We will smile at the Love we shared and imperfection of it all,
And create another today, tomorrow, forever.

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