Smell it in the air of Remembrance,
The timeless sweet odor of Love’s own discovery,
Lost in the nostrils of ignorant,
And a devotion to a stench left to die long ago.
See the ripples in the still waters,
Created by falling branches from this Tree of Life
Leaving behind the weight of a thousand yesterdays
Creating a million tomorrows in the process.
See those ripples fade but never go away,
They will break upon the shoreline,
And take away the sands of time and hopes of the Lover,
Who is lost trying to remember his own childhood dance.
Why hold on to things that cannot last?
Why bask in the glow of yesterday’s sunset and miss the rising of the sun this moment?
Do you so love the storms of yesterday as to miss the sunlight of Now?
That voice that silences the happiness within you speaks so loudly!
You put one foot in front of your other while stumbling backward,
You laugh as you land in your fall while tears stream down your face.
You look up at where you were while looking down at where you believe you should be,
While protesting loudly the blame you’d assign to all others.
Why miss the beauty of this moment for some fantasy of yesterday?
Do you need to walk backwards and believe you will not tumble off a cliff?
Will you only discover the Now while you are tumbling to the hard ground below?
Awake from the dream now before you hit the ground and die unrealized!
Smile, for you are where you wanted to be.
You have created all of this in your Mind, and therefore made it so.
Behold your Creation with the awe that had inspired it,
And know that you have danced the dance to the song you have always wanted to sing.

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