Hereafter – A Lyric

It seems like yesterday
We were young and holding on,
Laughing in the fields – sneaking by the boss,
Flirting with tomorrow as if it were all but guaranteed.
I close my eyes, remember so vividly,
White gown flowing on a hot September day,
A smile I could never forget, a feeling I thought would last forever.
Dancing with tomorrow as if it were all but guaranteed.
Now, I’m gone, flirting with Hereafter,
Holding on, not sure what I am here after.
Seeing you and praying that you’d be here after…
I close my eyes 
And journey to Hereafter.
They were born,
Amidst our trials and tribulations.
Brought a life into focus but never made us whole
Still believing that tomorrow was all but guaranteed.
The house full of sound but empty all the same,
I loved you all, could never find a way.
Turn the dial, and find there’s nothing left to hold on to
Find out that nothing was ever guaranteed.
Now it’s gone, fading into Hereafter,
Washed ashore a dying corpse is all that’s left here after,
Now alone, we journey to see what’s going to be here after,
I’ve closed my eyes,
Left praying for Hereafter.

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