Distant Memory – A Lyric

Close your eyes…it’s just me
Just some distant memory
Didn’t mean to wake you to set you free
Yes, it’s just me.
I tried to hold out, 
Tried to stand tall
Tried to be all that I could be
Now just some distant memory.
I finally found it, and now its lost me
I finally heard the song you used to sing
For now I’ll wonder what it meant to you
All I know is what I see.
Can you hear it?  Can you feel…
Can you smell its destiny?
Or did you drop it…make it real?
And create me as a distant memory?
See I held it, and now I let go,
I try to leave that me behind
Drown in the Ocean, follow the flow
It just the mind.
Single footprints by the shoreline
Dragging something empty through the sand
It’s not now, it’s not forever…
It’s something that died along with me.
Watch the waves, cleanse the mind,
Feel the Ocean wash over me,
Watch the mud fade out to sea,
Like some distant memory.

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