Ode to the Lover

I walked silently through the mist into your arms.  You loved me, you cherished me, you gave me sight and showed me unending gratitude.  You held me up, you showed me a way, and as you gently kissed my lips I knew I was Home.

So begins my inspiration.  Imagine a love so strong yet so tender as to be a rock and a sheet of silk at the same time.  Imagine the acceptance, the trust, the loyalty all combined with the frailty and the humanity of the Creator.  That is the Love I feel in my heart at this very moment, the love that is inspiring me beyond these mere words.

It’s not friendship, although we call it that.  It’s not sex, although we call it that too.  It’s not even love, although we often entangle the egoic meaning of that word with it.  It is Love, God, Being, Self…words hardly capable of accurately describing but surely necessary to communicate the feeling and sheer emotion of the moment Love hits you where the ego once stood.

It is that moment that you cast away old demons even if they do return from time to time. It is that moment that you don’t seek the self but offer the Self.  It is that moment when you turn from the “lower” versions of you to the higher version of You.  It is that moment when you, to borrow a Dyer euphemism, “let go and let God.”  It is a moment of shear beauty when the stories you have told and live by cease to exist.  It is a moment so clear in your state of being as to need absolutely no interpretation.  It is Heaven, Nirvana, Enlightenment.

You are Home.

Life will interrupt these moments of shear Pleasure.  It has to, as the purpose of life is to experience.  Your experience would be quite absent without the Yin to Yang.  The river of your life could not flow to the Great Ocean without the journey, and the Ocean itself would dry up in the midst of a drought of such experience.  A Voice commands me, “Go with it my friend, hold onto the pain and the Pleasure alike.  Take the loneliness with the camaraderie, take the droughts with the inundation of rain, take the earth quaking beneath your feet along with the solid ground.  Absorb it all, and let each show you the way.”  I follow the command.

Entangled in sweat, the heated exchange of a million moments resolved in the essence of this one you have taken me.  The screams of your pleasure provide me my own my Love, the moment of climax not the end but merely another beginning.  You own me and I you without claim, you are my queen and I your king; my goddess and I your god.

We discover a new chapter, and begin to write a book the world will surely read albeit in a language most will not understand.  Gone are the judgments that bind us; replaced with the foundation of Spirit entangled in our human purpose.  At points you will be White to my Black, and others the opposite, but we will surely meet in the middle where the purest form of Love resides.  Gone will be the bars that housed us replaced by the sweet bondage of something pure, warm and selfless.  Each touch will bring a chill; each moment a memory to be replaced by another.

I draw a line with my finger down the small of your back.  Your skin responds, your embrace invites me to provide you more.  No words are exchanged as none are needed.  Heaven itself is in our midst, and we enjoy the sweet nectar of something beyond the physical.  You invite me in and I accept.  Such is the realm of this Divine royalty.

To be so lost is to be so found.  To be near the end is to find such a sweet and new beginning.  To rid yourself of the tattered and rotting clothes you once clung to is to stand naked before the Universe.  I love this nakedness.  I love the tear stained rags I have left discarded on the sand.  I love the sting of the Ocean as it cleanses my wounds.  I love the chill of the wind as it wipes me of my false manhood.  “Embrace it all and know it well, for it is the only way to heal,” offers a Voice from beyond.  I will never know the Truth if I hold on to the lie; I will never know reality if I refuse to wake from the dream.

I love mySelf so that I may love You.  I see the Divine in mySelf lest I ignore the Divine in You.  I am joyful in your joy, pleasured by your ecstasy, emboldened by your bravery.  You are more than the Moon, more than the Sun, more than the Angels themselves.  I honor you by honoring me, and I love you with each breath of my soul.  I bleed drops of blood made red by your Being.  The arms I extend are not empty, and they are strong in the resolve to give all I have to give in them.

Peace to you, my Love.  I hold you now in my heart, know you in my dreams and sing for you in my Soul.  I humbly reside in my Aloneness and cast away all that I was for all that I am.


2 thoughts on “Ode to the Lover

  1. […] spiritually and professionally.  I have stated my intentions romantically (see “Ode to the Lover“) and spiritually (each and every moment) and am beginning to formulate my professional plan […]

  2. […] romantically, spiritually and professionally. I have stated my intentions romantically (see “Ode to the Lover“) and spiritually (each and every moment) and am beginning to formulate my professional plan […]

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