What ever happened to REAL communication?

We text.  We email.  And then we wonder why we communicate so poorly.  Of course  I am broadly generalizing here, but overall it seems like an affliction dominating our society’s poor track record on relationships.

Amazing, huh?  We have lost the ability to listen to each other unless we are READING.  We have lost the ability to properly use our voices to express ourselves.  We can’t seem to talk to each other unless we are TYPING.  Worse, if we aren’t having 4 conversations at once we lose our ability to focus on the communication we are having.  We feel “empty” if we are not typing away to 5 different people at a time…so much so that we can’t seem to simply look into someone’s eyes and feel what they are saying to us.

I must say that I haven’t texted, FB messaged, or emailed in my personal life as much as I have in the past two months.  I’m used to emailing for business related communication as it is the preferred method of busy professionals everywhere.  Personally, however, I must say that I am getting sick of this method of communication with those I like, love, or want to talk to.  My thumbs are telling me to STOP.  My eyes are telling me to STOP.  Most of all, my mouth is telling me to start using it and to to begin ignoring the incessant beeps and vibrations of my phone and to start using it to TALK to people.  I miss voices.  I miss hearing a laugh instead of seeing an “LOL”.  I miss feeling the emotion of someone instead of reading a bland response.

I don’t really believe I can end the electronic communication.  I just don’t want it to be my primary method anymore.

So, FRIENDS…call me.  People I am getting to know, call me.  Please, just help a brother out and give my sore thumbs and my restless ears some work.  Let me know if I can call YOU…since I’m not sure many know how to even answer their phones anymore (this is an attempt at HUMOR!!).



One thought on “What ever happened to REAL communication?

  1. Jenn says:

    So funny to read this right now. Very true! Peace and hide your darn phone if you have to. Take time for you and the people who are willing to give you their voice not just their fingers.

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