Hope and Forgiveness

I hear it in the hollowed vacuum,
Lost in the shallowed and darkened caverns
Where my heart once beat with joy…
It is hope.
A light that flickers, a song that sings,
A melody not lost on these tone-deaf ears.
I once was lost, but now am found, was blind but now I see
There is hope.
Stuck in a momentary blend of pain and sorrow,
Jarred awake in the Seeing and in the knowledge I now have,
I now move forward toward a great resounding harmony.
I’ve found hope.
First I must extend the hand of Love,
If not to embrace but certainly to let go,
And move beyond the cycle of all that was.
I must forgive.
I must look toward Now and hope for tomorrow,
In the warm embrace of Love and Acceptance,
There must be a melody in my song, a countenance in my spirit.
There is forgiveness.
To seek the path that leads me to You, the Unknown
To be held in such esteem as to be Loved and to Love,
I feel the love due me that I share with reckless abandon.
I am forgiven.
So now I close my eyes to return to stillness.
I breathe in the Love and breathe out the past.
I hold You the Unkown tightly and bask in what is to be.
There is hope in forgiveness.
To the journey unkown for now but sure to come,
To the one I will share each unbridled step with,
I raise my glass to you in revered, sweet harmony.
There is forgiveness in hope.
And now I go silent, prayerful to share the joy in my heart,
The burning Sage has renewed a tempered spirit, 
Awakened anew in the glow of Universal trust and understanding,
I am hope; I am forgiveness.

2 thoughts on “Hope and Forgiveness

  1. Vince Coates says:

    I thought this might compliment you piece….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsCp5LG_zNE&feature=share

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