An Evening Lullaby

Walk with me NOW my dear,
See the stars as they are now, 
Feel the moon as it shines upon your brow,
And hold me in the moment without attachment to the past.
Dance with me to a song just written,
Not to some classic written when the stars above were born,
Sing to me an Evening Lullaby until a grateful morn has risen,
As if the notes themselves had inspired the miracle of Dawn.
It’s just a dream, I know
Where I matter enough to be such an object of desire,
Where the moment now is the moment that matters,
And somehow a stony heart is made open to such possibilities.
It’s just a dream, I know.
Where someone too in love with the past can somehow love me in the present,
Where the I have value beyond the fires of anger,
And can transcend the darkness that hides the stars above.
I am under no delusion,
And I am under no mystical spell of the suffering that once bound me to insanity.
I see you as you are, and me as I am.
And certainly doubt where the two of us can exist beyond the walls we have created.
Yet I’ll hold for now to the feeling that sustains my soul,
And binds me to such undeniable servitude.
Not for you, but for me and who I am
And who I have always thought I could be.
That is the tune of my Evening Lullaby,
I am here, I am now, I am who I am without reservation.
Such harmony fills the air and causes flowers to bloom,
Even if the fragrance finds only my soul to please.

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