A Journey Anew

Today I feel as if I want to start my journey anew.  I want to shed the burden of the past, end the silly roles and games that have been played far too long.  I want to explore this life, feel its beauty and know its Love.  I want to embrace it all.

Through the suffering of great pain I am finding my Self.  Through the stripping away of the “me” I thought was there I am finding the me that was always there.  Through the haze of a life lived in fear I have found the beauty of Love.  I have discovered and rediscovered friendships that have shown me the power of acceptance and Love.  I may feel rejected by some, but the embraces I have experienced in their stead have shown me a new kind of Light and for that I am grateful.

I will Love, and be that highest vision I have always sought.  I will be who I am, and in that perfection know the touch of love as if for the very first time.  I make no excuses, I seek nothing but that which I am, and trust that will be good enough for those who will do the same.

One day I may see you across a stream, and we both can smile in the knowledge that even though we are on different paths, each one is the perfect one for us.  If our paths do cross again someday, we can know that such a crossing is, too, perfect.


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