Transcending Differences Through Unconditional Love

The path we walk is divided by a fork, and we choose which path to take.

One one side is the path of ideas.  On this path, we choose to be known and to know by the ideas we assign to whatever reality we have created.  Color, creed, race, nationality, and ideology are used to determine value, worth and condition.  Borders become a method of separation.  Monetary status becomes a representation of worth and the measure of effort.  This is the Path of Impermanence.

On the other side there is unconditional love.  There are no borders.  There is no color, creed or nationality.  There is only the love you have for another human Being.  You serve and are served, you give and you receive, and you do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  You are guided by a much more permanent source of inspiration, and your measure of effort is not made by monetary success, but in the waves of love and alleviation of suffering you have left in your presence.  This is the Path of Eternal Life.

The good news?  The Path of Impermanence is, well, impermanent.  You can leave it whenever you make the choice to do so.  No words are necessary, you simply need to give in to that part of you where Unconditional Love resides.

Will you join me on that path?  You need not be perfect.  You need not share any ideology with me.  You simply need to love thy neighbor, and you simply need to have a willingness to show it not with ideas and judgments, but in action.

Peace. ☮


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