A Moment’s Notice of an Eternal State of Being

I so want to find my soul,
Lost in the wilderness looking for me.
A heartbeat away from remembering,
A lifetime away from rejoicing.

I turn to the mountains to find you,
The softly falling snow’s silence only broken
by the sound of rushing water
Cascading down around me as if cleansing my mind.

I hike up to the river’s edge,
It’s roar calls to me and beckons me to stare,
I feel something,  I feel everything,
A moment’s notice of an eternal state of Being.

I once was surrounded by the urban jungle
I could not see the hills beyond the steel,
I could not hear the water rushing above the trucks passing by,
The snow…well it was pushed away by a need to get nowhere.

I once felt rage as I traveled to and fro,
Dealing with the asphalt path and others made just like me,
In a hurry to get nowhere,
In a rush to turn around and do it all over again like drones.

I once breathed air hardly fit for breathing,
I once used so much that I filled endless holes in the earth from consumption.
I sought more than the stuff I had before,
And found confinement in things I thought would set me free.

I once slaughtered a life just like me,
I ate it as if it were going to make me well.
I can hear your cries of fear dear friend,
I can see you suffer as the blood spills from your veins.

It all comes back to me
The stupidity, the depravity, and most of all the insanity.
I see it clearly in this moment’s notice of my eternal state of Being,
It was because I was, It is because I am.

The river, now still, allows me to see myself through its eyes,
The silence unbroken as the snow softly settles around me.
I can feel the trees alive around me, I can sense the clean air soothing me
I love what I see, this me, captured by the Oneness all around me.

I don’t need You.  I don’t need Me.
I have all that I have been looking for on this mountain,
Besides this stream, all around me.
It has taken me far too long to get here, to this place I cannot leave.

©2010 Thomas P. Grasso All Rights Reserved ☮ ℓﻉﻻ٥ ツ


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