“I am”

“I am”.  I have no need to prove what I am to that which I am.  I only need prove what I am to that which I do not believe I am…hence the separation that ego creates so that you can experience what you are through the knowledge of what you are NOT.

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5 thoughts on ““I am”

  1. watts says:

    >hello…i have a question and comment on what you have written. can what we (i, you, etc.) are and what we are not abide in the same space? one thought will try to overpower the other, locked in a battle to exist. or one thought doesn't see the other and lives in love, knowing who it is. are we the witnesses to something that is self-created? a dream of a story of how we came to be, not seeing that there is no need for the story because we have not changed from being part of the one thought that doesn't see the other. how does one decide who one is? either it is a battle or it is loving. it comes down to two thoughts and one is not grounded in itself, only wanting to prove itself as a self when it is not. i find myself in the middle when i am confused, wondering what i am witnessing. the dream of my story? so i am responsible for what i think. in thinking this, what do i see? only one…you have an intriguing blog, tom. thank you for bringing out these thoughts in my mind. blessings and namaste,dawn

  2. Tom Grasso says:

    >Thank you Dawn…if you could allow me some time to allow this "to be" in me I will respond. In this time, may I ask you to do me a favor?Consider yourself three parts. Body, mind, spirit…Creation, Creator, Observer…whichever helps here. Which one of these three parts do you see as the one causing the conflict? Once you have your answer, seek the REAL cause (the answer you first get is usually the surface of the ocean). Perhaps at that point you may not need my answer. Understand that I can only share with you my experience and observations which may be different than your own, so it is always best to have the experience yourself so that your answer is "right". Thank you again for this opportunity to experience…it is a blessed gift.

  3. Tom Grasso says:

    >Dawn…It is necessary for that which we are and that which we are not to exist in the same space. Yin Yang exists within the same sphere, as do light and darkness, day and night. Let's consider that in this body I am the sphere where Yin Yang exists. Is it truly possible for what I am to be what I am not? In my experience the answer is "yes", which is the beautiful human experience. For instance, I am Love. Yet, there are times when I am fear. At times I am Yang while at others I am Yin. I only know one because I know the other. I can only experience one because I have experienced the other. I think the conflict in you appears to be rooted in egoic judgment in who you are. Accept what you are…love who you are…and simply be what you are. Develop a vision of who you are and attempt focus on that vision WITHOUT ATTACHMENT to the outcome of the focus. Love what your ego considers success and failure equally because they exist perfectly for each other. Appreciate the fact that the universe in you exists in a larger universe which exists in a larger universe which exists in a larger universe and so one and so on. It's all perfect despite what ego tells us.Once this happened for me (this is daily for me, not a one time thing), I saw that there was no battle between love and fear or good and evil. If you consider love a light and fear the darkness you realize that light can never be defeated by darkness, and that the smallest ray of light can "defeat" darkness. Light allows darkness to be so that it can know itself, and in this allowance loves the darkness as perfect, Divine and necessary for the experience. Learn to see your fear (anger, jealousy, hatred, etc.) in the same way and you will soon see that those periods of darkness are overcome by the wondrous light within you. Fear cannot exist where love resides, and the tiniest ray of love can overcome the darkest of shadows.Finally, I try not to get too wrapped up in what I "see". This issue of "is this a dream" is answered in me simply as "of course it is…but one that is necessary". I try not to get too wrapped up in that portion of the discussion at this point…it is dilutionary to the process. It's like trying to reach the summit of a mountain from base camp without climbing.Hope this makes some sense to you!

  4. watts says:

    >thank you tom. i am, first, the observer. this world flows from what is seen, for me. my perception was flawed from the beginning, yet i wasnt aware of this until recently. and to what extent. there was a lot of confusion as to "who i am" and my purpose. there are bills to be paid and children to raise. there are stories and poetry to be written. there is an existence that includes the content of the things i love, not needing a form to cling to. i am part of these experiences as the observer. a witness, so to speak. this much i have gathered from my experience. what you have said makes sense to me. it is through my experience that i become aware of "who i am" and love that, trust that. nothing is found outside of myself that would take the place of what is within. ego judgements come and go, some stay and linger, some go quickly. the light of love does shine through the darkness.i am brought back to the basic teachings of zen…chop wood, carry water. here is where i cannot find the words to express this "feeling", yet it is peaceful. it can only be experienced and so that is why "we" are here. thank you again…blessings and love,namaste,dawn

  5. Tom Grasso says:

    >Great observations…now just enjoy the experience without an attachment to what you are!!! 🙂 ❤

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