Can’t that ‘voice within’ be the dictates of conscience?

Depends, assuming I understand this question.  There are many “voices within”.  Depends on which voice you are listening to.

There is a trick I have learned through listening.  We all have a higher vision of our selves.  That higher vision is our “soul purpose”.  When a voice is contrary to that higher vision, I don’t see it as being the one I want to listen to.  When it is in line with it, that is the voice that I strive to listen to. You will find that when we listen to the voice that works the “higher vision” of ourselves, we all would work in a unison not found in any Bible, and could work in a way to which a book like the Bible is not necessary.

First, you must know your higher vision.  It is never what it seems at first, but can be found in deep meditation and prayer.  It is a journey unto itself, one most people are too lazy or too ego-attached to undertake.  The first higher vision you have of yourself is usually ego-generated.  It is a defense mechanism of the ego usually appearing to be “good” while easily found although rarely attained.  That is not the “higher”, it is the first.  It usually takes a very long time of focus, work and dedication to find that “higher vision”.

Then the work continues to focus on being in line with that higher vision.  It becomes easier as the focus needed becomes sharper through practice.  Once you attain enlightenment you will see it becomes your True Nature.

I hear this “voice” clearly as a feeling of truth from within my soul.  I am still trying to discover my “higher vision” and my “soul purpose” and realize that it has been a process since my youth.  See, it ain’t easy or quick!!

©2009 Thomas P. Grasso All Rights Reserved


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