Our Government doesn’t represent the people?

It was stated during an internet discussion by a libertarian friend of mine that the government does not represent the people, but rather bankers and the very wealthy.  Below is my response:

It does represent the people, a people who have no interest in it whatsoever.  You never do go quite far enough in what really is the cause in government.  Sure, the bankers and wealthy have a foothold, but that is only because the PEOPLE have allowed them to.  WE vote for two parties only, WE vote for incumbents entrenched in the bureaucracy, WE keep the status quo status quo.

So, the bankers take advantage of our laziness…you can’t blame the dog for eating the scraps that fall on the floor can you?

I have a feeling you like to blast the current status quo because you fear the truth, that unless this society takes control we are lost, and in order to take control there has to be something that wakes them, and in order to be awakened they have to accept their blame for all that has happened up into that very moment.  These things won’t happen in this society…it has gotten too fat and too invested in the status quo.  Even you are invested in this status quo, because without it you simply would not exist as you like…an “enemy” of the “enemy”.

So…in order for this society to wake up, two things must happen.  First, YOU must wake up as an individual (you think you are now because you believe you “know” things that everyone else is blind to, but you aren’t because you blame the wrong things).  Without you waking yourself up, you will never be part of the solution.

Second, this society must suffer.  It is the only thing that wakes us up.  All of these government programs are the beginning to that suffering that was destined the first time government employed someone to protect you, or instituted committees that regulated how you could build, or what you could build.  The eventual suffering we will face is destined as we repeat the history other societies have created…it is a foregone conclusion.

I simply wish it to be me that suffers for the mistakes I have made and not my children.  I don’t want to pass this mistake on to them.  I want to teach them from MY example of suffering how to live, how to be, and how to become wise beyond this insanity.  Teaching them does not include blaming others for the mistake…it involves taking responsibility for self and working toward your sense of higher cause. It means being the example, not talking about it.

So, I hope to expedite the course of suffering so that it may be me who bears the brunt, not them.  Let health care reign, let meaningless wars be fought, let’s keep trying to kill an idea with a bullet or bomb, let’s dump more and more into an antiquated war machine, let’s worry about the meaningless distractions created for us so that we may never look at the heart of our existence.  Tiger Woods cheats on his wife…front page news; 50 million people in the US can’t afford the right amount of food doesn’t even get an honorable mention.

I just want us to hurry up.  I don’t have much time yet and I don’t want to pass this on to our children.  They are the ones who need to rebuild the house of cards we have built…only this time with brick.

©2009 Thomas P. Grasso All Rights Reserved


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