A Conversation of Ego

In this experience, in the “realm of relativity”, spirit needs to the ego to find its purpose. When we move on to the “realm of the Absolute”, our souls certain have no more use for ego. Remember, ego is a creation of God so that God may experience what It is through what It is not. Therefore, it is not only necessary, but perfect.

Bryan X:

I disagree on the point of the spirt needs the ego to find what it is. That is giving the ego weight which veils the oneness that you already are. If we give the ego weight and put it over awareness (spirit) then we have become the unstable. Unstable leads to insecurity mental anguish for you are identifying with something that will constantly be changing and in flux. Go to the core. Find the SELF, not the self.
Our experiences might be different Bryan. I have found, in mine, that the ego and the suffering it causes has helped me lift the veils and find my spirit. I cannot give the ego any more weight that my soul decides it has…for whatever purpose my soul has for it.

You seem to wish to judge ego instead of see it as a tool. In my experience, myego has been a chisel, my spirit the sculptor, and my experience the marble. In the Divine Triune (That Which Gives Rise To, That Which is Risen, That Which Is or Father, Son, Holy Spirit) my spirit has given rise to my ego which in turn creates what is so that my spirit can experience itself and continue the creative process. I cannot judge my ego as bad as it perfectly fulfills its purpose. Without it, my soul could not experience itself, so I love the ego in its purpose. This is rather easy to do or, to use your analogy, “weightless” when the perspective is NOT OF THE EGO, but rather in seeing the ego as it is.

What you seem to be doing is giving the ego much more weight than it deserves through your judgments. Learn to see if from the perspective of the Seer and not the tool. Then, you will see just how perfect and necessary each of our egos are.

©2009 Thomas P. Grasso All Rights Reserved


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