I lie

I lie because I fear.

I fear rejection, failure, loss, suffering, death, and ambivalence.

I fear because I am asleep.

I sleep in order to experience all that I fear.  This experience will allow me to know love and provide me a means to be loving.

In order to love I must first learn to love me.  I am not bad, I am not evil, I am not…

I am as good or as bad as anything else.  I am perfection as created, experiencing that which I must in order to walk the path I have chosen long before this life began.   I am love as much as I am fear and can be either upon choosing one over another.  I can be awake or asleep depending on my choice.  Neither is wrong, neither is right, neither simply is.  All things are there for my use to achieve my moment’s purpose.  I must stop resisting…

©2009 Thomas P. Grasso All Rights Reserved


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