The Essence of Love In a Time of Hate

“Healing is the physical manifestation of love from the universe.  It is the nature of all things to heal, the truth of all things to love, and the essence of all things to experience what love is not in order to see all that love is.” ~Tom Grasso

Storms rage and kill.  Man is killing man and nature with equal abandon.  Bullets fly and bombs drop, children are being blown to bits not for their security, but for the feeling of security that others halfway across the world will have as they board their planes, ride their trains, and gather for their entertainment.  The oceans are laden with the vestige of man’s hate for his own planet, an example of human self loathing created somewhere between his quest for fire and his quest for easy forgiveness.  You see it all, you view it in totality as another polar bear dies and another glaciers shrinks in evidence of the capitulation of man to his ego, the replacement of man created in the image of God with God created in the image of man.  As you view the destruction with a tear running down your cheek and a cause in your heart you are left to ask one question.


We often fail to see the beauty in things we consider “bad”.  It appears that we replace our emotions with our thoughts, our feelings with our judgments.  We replace God with ego, and ignore the communication we have with God in favor of the communication we have with ego.  In this replacement, it appears we have lost contact with the Infinite Perfection because we have concentrated on communicating with the Infinite Imperfection.  When we communicate with Perfection, we see that there is no such thing as bad outside of our ego.  There is no such thing as evil outside of our imperfect need for it.  It is when we can not only understand “why” but see the purpose of the “bad”, we then lose the judgment of something as “bad”.  This unique state of awareness allows acceptance of all things as necessary.  We replace all things “good” and all things “bad” with all things that simply “are”.

All travesties and tragedies have a purpose.  They allow the opportunity for action, for the “soul” purpose to be.  There are no tragedies greater than any other except in our minds.  There are no actions better than the others except in our own minds.  There is no healing more miraculous than any other except in our own minds.  There is no deed more splendid than any other except in our minds.  The mind is where we as God create, where the physical manifestation of Being and ego becomes what is.  The mind is the bridge between Spirit and body, between God and man, where That Which Is Risen gives That Which Gives Rise to the ability to create That Which Is.  In this dynamic, we often stop at the mind instead of going beyond it to seek what is providing the mind its purpose.

So the answer to “why” is because all things are a matter of the necessity of experience.  All things “bad” that happen are opportunities for “good” to exist.  All things “good” that happen exist only because “bad” exists equally.  This is true in every case where either exists; one is because the other is.  Because of this certainty, neither is truly good or bad, they are equals in the light devoid of ego.

So it seems that in this physical universe we will always experience the essence of love in times of hate because that is the way it must be.
©2009 Thomas P Grasso All Rights Reserved


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