The Rushing Tide of Time

I have a purpose, a reason for Being that is so complete and so perfect that my soul’s agreement with God was to forget it before I was born. Such seems to be the price of being born that one should forget such perfection and completeness in exchange for the experience of being what the soul is not. It is the absolute perfection of this existence, that utter perfection can experience utter imperfection so that it can BE. When one remembers this purpose, the folly of what can be this “life” (what we call all we know) becomes clearly necessary so that we may know all that we are.

The purpose of this blog is not to preach, but to experience. I have been given a desire to write, to express what is inside of my Being in this way. Recently, it has made much less sense for me to hide this “light under a basket” for it was given me for a reason. What that reason is I have yet to discover, and what will be the result I see no sense in questioning or speculating about. It is what it is, and in understanding that I have no purpose here I find no pressure, just the flow of creativity when it comes and when there is the possibility to share.

To share does not mean with anyone else, to share means to take that which is within me and expose it to the light. If others find this, read this, and see value in this so be it, but it is not written for any purpose other than to exist in itself as it was meant to exist.

I welcome this experience with my heart wide open, with this soul’s embracing light loving the darkness that has allowed it to be experienced. I find love in my soul, peace in my heart, and the glorious excitement at was is to become of this moment.

©2009 Thomas P Grasso All Rights Reserved


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