An Ode to Dempsey (November 18, 2009)

You are but an old man now,
Seeking to define what time has done to you,
Finding that strength escapes you,
As did the youth you so eagerly took for granted.

You are but an old man now my friend,
I watch you struggle for that last glimpse of life,
To be with those you love,
With those for whom your loyalty was never-ending.

I am but an old man now,
Yet young was I when you first came to me,
How my struggle became your struggle,
And yet you sat by me regardless of who I was.

We are but old men now,
And as I watch you fade into memory,
I know that this place you have built without effort
Will be a part of me forever.

For who could know that a true best friend,
Could be found in one who has never spoken a word but has said so much,
But who has in this moment taught me
That anger should never replace the pain I knew I’d feel in your departure.

But now I will watch you until I can watch no longer,
And comfort you as you have comforted me,
And love you as you have loved me,
And know that the gift you give is in the tears I now shed.

I shed these tears for the two of us,
And for those who love us, who will sit with us without question,
For we are old men now my friend,
The end is near…we shall be comforted.


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