Timeless Life

Divine, I slip out to the shore,
Enticed by ocean’s lapping sound,
I hear the silence that gives me pause,
In this space I find such truth profound.

To be born today but forever alive,
Is to step anew where my feet once tread,
I swear I can feel the waves but tease my skin,
Yet when I look I can only see a sandy bed.

Felt I those waves as once alive,
But now have but sunken to the sea?
Perhaps they never where but in my mind,
That part of ocean somehow part of me.

Alive! I rush to breathe at last,
From Root to Heart, from Om to Crown,
This destiny that suffers not,
What is left of “me” I leave to drown.

Escaped I from the lie that was,
Onto the shore of truth’s own lapping wave,
Once what I want hath died what is can live,
I shall not miss those things that I have lave.

Let go! Let go! this somber soul,
Feel time slipping from your hands,
For that which is alive only but in your mind,
Shall wash away as Timeless life demands.


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