Today while meditating I realized that I am the guilt I see in others…that I am the guilt I throw on the world. I live with the complete understanding that all of the guilt I carry inside of me is what has driven me not to trust and to see impending pain in all that those I love do. While seeing this realization, I am not sure how to expose it to revelation – to the awareness that ends such darkness. I am sure such tests shall present themselves to me, and in those tests I will see my reflection on the world.

I open my heart to change, my soul to awareness and my Being to Oneness. I seek to find God in me, God in you, and God in all around me. I cannot judge my past actions based on this realization, they are but an illusion created by my own illusions. Rather, I must forgive in order to seek forgiveness, I must be peace in order to find peace.

God, please help me in this challenge, please allow me to be.


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