Time With

If today is but a reflection of time
Spent longing and searching for more,
Would you grasp me and hold me forever
As if you had never known me before?

If I say that pain lasts forever,
That memories are wishes come true,
Would you still hold onto the day that ended the way
That this time with me was cherished by you?

If fate turned today to forever,
With tomorrow an end that we knew
Would you choose to be eternally grateful
If I spent this forever with you?

There just doesn’t seem to be enough time
To change the things that I have ruined
Time with.
There just aren’t enough ways to say enough times
Or do enough things to end the pain I’ve spent
Time with.

If memories mold us forever
If the footprints behind choose the path up ahead
What hope do we have in the walking
Perhaps the living are already dead?

We ignore all the love left in passing
Instead it’s the pain that we choose,
Yesterday becomes our eternal today
Such comfort where nothing gets soothed.

I just hope today is enough time to know
Enough time to grow beyond the things we kill
Time with
It’s just long enough I hope I’ll know
How to show my love with those that I spend
Time with.


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