I am at that point
I see over the ledge into the end of nothing
The darkness, pure and hateful
Encompasses all beneath me, all that I surround.

I feel but a faint breeze,
A stirring in the silence that enshrouds me
Such silence that makes this breeze remarkable
But a drop of water is an ocean to a thirsty man.

I reach out for you, you respond
You hold me tightly to your breast,
You give me pause to see but a single point of light
You give me hope to be so much more.

Such light, the darkness fades,
Such warmth, the comfort of this moment,
And I step back from the ledge,
There is no need to seek its prescription.

And I feel love, I feel loved
I am love, I give love,
Such things are never to be forgotten,
Such things are never to be lost.

And as you let go, your smile shall never fade
For it is you, it is love,
It has saved me, it has taught me
And I can never let it go.


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