A week of inspiration and love.

This week you inspired me, not by orders and dictates, but by example and love. Watching you work hard toward the happiness in others, all the while finding enjoyment in the task in hand showed me something beautiful. You again challenged me to see beyond the voices nagging me to something so much more beautiful. It is a beautiful and so worthwhile lesson.

I thank you for the experience and the challenge.

And although today you are challenging me is a much different way, the lesson of the past week is helping me see past it. The anger is no longer strong, although it is there. You are pushing my buttons, working to get a reaction, but I am not seeing those works as much as I am seeing the love I have in you. This is not you talking.

The lesson I learned last week was simple in nature but complex in understanding. The awareness of the situation shone such light on the cause of things, the anger I felt in the situation, the feeling of separation, the shaking of a new foundation that had so caused pain in my life. I realized that I was making others stand to a standard not created by the present, but by the past. The haunts of this past were like voices in my head, and driving me to the insanity that has plagued my life. It had to end, and it took the unassuming guidance of my soul mate, my wife, my lover and my friend to guide me.

You did this without beating my head with my faults, without hitting my soul with anger and stabbing my heart with words. You just where, you just did, you just loved. You just showed the way with passion and commitment. That is all it takes.

Thank you for this lesson, thank you for the answer to the voices in my head, thank you for the challenge you pose. You are the soil that challenges this seedling while nourishing it all the same. You are the most beautiful thing in this world to me, you are the love of my life.


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