i do feel that which i should not
such a time cannot be left unnoticed
for it owns us all, treats us to such ecstasy,
and then shows us such things are but nothing.

to feel such fluttering on my crown
to feel such spring from within my root,
is to feel nothing but what is intended
and to see intent in all that i feel.

from this heat to cold
from this life to the next
to seek beyond such an invisible wall
is to peek around into the end of infinity.

alive! this is alive!
for the gaps between the stars above
create the space to serve their existence
the pain shall be endured by each of them.


One thought on “kundalini

  1. suzi says:

    >The Shakti of life, loves and lives within where one can find the truth of heart and this human element is then shifted. Kundalini the awakening moves only forward once received…. Your blog is the nothing of evertyhing… and a pleasure to have found.

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