Do you remember how it felt?
The stinging sound of that angry belt?
The force of hatred so easily,
Born down on us such treachery?

Perhaps this life has seen you pause,
You need for which such evil caused,
You submit that for what mine own eyes saw,
The sounds of footsteps spur such recall.

Or change in you have forgiven such,
Or act as if you have done as much?
Do you forgive so fast such a past as well
Or is it fear you have in what such past will tell?

Such dismay in such forgot,
You honor those who honor not,
Close your eyes as not to be forced to see,
The light of such honor’s misery.

Turn your back on he who won’t,
Silence time for he who don’t,
It won’t change that for which you cannot run,
You seek respite for that which there is simply none.

The burden, girl and little boy,
The man who loved you did destroy,
The blame you passed from one to next,
The pain found in such context.

A sister is a sister not,
As evil lives in honor’s slot,
A brother who is dead to thee,
Shall not silence each day’s misery.


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