It is the sorry soul of the angry man,
Who is destined to repeat that for which he may never apologize,
And who is destined to have such anger repeated onto himself,
That is the hell for which he strives.

To wallow in such disgrace is the angry man,
Yet to never admit the pit in which he swims,
He will never understand the stench that remains upon his very being,
It is true he shall walk in such mud forever.

Release all that eats of you,
Understand that this moment is not that which created the beast,
And understand that the past is the food that feeds it.
Let go, and let God, the Being who is the Source of you without such pause.

You – control the moment, and do not let the past control that which is,
Rather seek the moment for itself, allow it to be as it should,
Feel the peace of such awareness as it washes over you,
Clearing the mud and stench and renewing your life eternal.

Seek and ask for such forgiveness,
but do not hold on such forgiveness to move beyond,
Relate to what is now, not to what was,
Seek that which is, not that which could have been.

And soon the beast will disappear,
A faint dot of darkness over a renewed landscape,
And you will be free,
Secure as the Observer, not the thinker, secure as the Being, not the human.


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