I am Man Part One

Alone on a tiny spec in the middle of a vast unending sea,
A spec on that spec am I,
Complete in my arrogance of all that’s me,
Unaware of the smallness of the spec on a spec
No one notices as I slowly pass by.

Unyielding in my sureness that I am all that is,
Surely standing firm that I am master of all I see,
I reach out to that which I cannot see,
As I need to master it as well,
And end the fear of that which I know not.

But behold that surely that which I know,
I do not have an inkling of,
I know little of the spec that holds me,
I know nothing of the sea that guides me,
Yet I stand firm that I know it all.

Within me is a rage, inbred fear that I am all too small,
And a fantasy that somehow I am all too big,
I make that which I know not into me,
And me into that of which I know nothing,
Yet remain sure that there is little I can be taught.

I invest my time in that which can end all of me,
And ignore that which can truly make all of me,
I turn my beautiful spec into a wasteland of sorts,
And in the spec’s reply I blame it for my transgressions,
I am not to blame as I find a way to end my own existence.

The Kingdom of Being is in the midst of us all,
Yet I cannot see it, I cannot fathom what it is I can’t see,
But I will tell you I own it, it is mine and you must join to enter the realm,
That which I own I cause to destroy all that I do not,
I choose to see only that which I can control and call my own.

I refuse to see that which bind this spec to the sea,
I refuse to see that which binds me to this spec,
And the sea to me, and me to that which owns the sea,
Yet somehow I own those things, those things are me,
In ego’s mastery I am all that needs to be.

I am Man, king of all that is, king of all that was
King of all that will be as surely as I own this tiny little spec of nothingness.
I am Man, and in the instant I was born is the instant I shall die,
For that which cannot see beyond itself will surely end.


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